Donate and Make a Difference

black horse with green backgroundThe Appalachian Horse Center cares for and adopts out horses that are unowned and brought to us by individuals or Animal Control. We also will keep a small number of resident horses for community and visitor programs.  Your donations help feed and care for all of these horses.

During the winter, donations are especially needed to feed the horses through the worst of the cold weather.

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

To donate to WINTER HAY FUND, use this button. The donation will be EAR-MARKED for only winter hay purchases.

To donate to AHC’s on-going expenses

If you would like to send a check rather than donation online, please CLICK HERE.

Give whatever you can, but here are some examples of how your donation will help:

$15 can buy a halter

$25 can feed a horse for a week

$40 can pay for an equine therapy session for a child with special needs

$75 can buy a helmet for an equine therapy student

$100 can buy a warm winter blanket for a horse

Thank you for your generosity!