Plan Your Visit

JANUARY, 2017:

A plan is in place to begin tours of the Free-Roaming Horses, and other area attractions, beginning in May, 2017.  The tours will be operating out of a temporary Visitors Center until grant funding becomes available to build on-site facilities at The Appalachian Horse Center.

These tours will be hosted by local residents who have been through training for the tours, and who express interest in welcoming visitors.  We will enable online reservations during the spring of 2017.

Once there are facilities at the permanent Appalachian Horse Center site, the following visitor activities are planned:

The Appalachian Horse Center will be a fun and educational destination to experience the Appalachian culture, get up close and personal with friendly horses, and then travel into the mountains to visit free-roaming horses.

When you visit the Appalachian Horse Center, you will tour a facility that uses these friendly horses to provide equine-assisted activities, education and tourism.  You will also be able to meet horses recently picked up by local officials when they roam off the mountaintops, or if they are in poor condition.  (The Center tries to find these horses’ owners, but if they are not claimed within a few weeks, the horses are available for adoption.)

You can also participate in hands-on sessions to safely learn how to groom and lead a horse.  This is a unique opportunity in Kentucky, known as the “Horse Capital of the World”, to get up close and personal with horses.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to tour, with a guide, through the surrounding mountains and observe the free-roaming horses of Kentucky. It is thrilling to see a herd of horses calmly grazing far away from civilization, unfenced, with a backdrop of green ridges and valleys.

Plan a full day at the Center and in the surrounding area; we can also provide information on other nearby attractions, or arrange a tour to include other local attractions while you are here.