Services Provided

The Appalachian Horse Center will, over time, provide a number of equine-based services to the communities within Southeast Kentucky.  The following services will be developed over time, as partnerships are finalized and planned facilities put in place.

  • Provide a safe holding location for horses picked up by local officials due to the horses being a public safety concern or  causing property damage.  These horses will be cared for including adequate feeding, safe corrals, and veterinarian and horseshoeing care if needed.   In addition, during the holding period local horsemen will be contacted with descriptions and photos to determine if someone will claim the horse as their own.  If the horse is not claimed, it will either be kept as a resident horse or adopted to a new home.
  • Welcome visitors  and tourists to go on farm tours, learn hands-on how to groom and lead a horse, learn about the historical role of horses in Eastern Kentucky, and get the opportunity to see free-roaming horses in the surrounding mountains.
  • Serve as a central location for gelding and wellness clinics for local horse owners, as well as additional educational opportunities for horse owners.
  • Use resident horses to provide learning experiences for students who will be studying Equine Management through the Community College system.
  • Use resident horses to provide equine-assisted activities for special populations such as veterans, those in substance abuse rehab programs, and those with physical and mental challenges.
  • Provide a working laboratory for students in Vet Tech educational programs.
  • Offer an interesting community group destination, such as civic groups, church groups, youth groups, etc. to understand more about horses and how they can help both Eastern Kentucky individuals as well as the economy.